Current consumers are revolutionizing the way to shop, from platforms used to the products themselves do not look like the previously established pattern. Just stop a little bit to analyze the characteristics of millennials and centennials – or generation x and z, if you will. 


The tastes have become more peculiar, as well as the need to know. To better understand what the brand does, how products are made, where the workforce comes from, the origin of raw material and even the brand’s social responsibilities, they look for transparent brands that they can trust.


Some clothes and cosmetics brands stand out when talking about transparency. They are “open” for those who want to know more about the processes inside the brand. The Body Shop, for example, has found a way to show, with digital influencers, how cosmetics are made — in addition to supporting social causes like the end of animal testing.

the body shop is a transparent brand

These position and attitude win the current consumer over, so it is important to be transparent.


Natura also stands out on the matter. In a large majority, the products have Brazilian resources as a raw material and use, as a workforce, people living in these places — where generally the unemployment rate or work in precarious conditions is high.


But in addition to the social commitment, Natura stands out in customer service. Exame/IBM has shown in recent study that the company was first in the ranking of companies with the best service in Brazil.


Natura is a transparent brand

Out of the cosmetics field and going to the startup scenario, it’s no surprise to talk about Nubank’s transparency. The Brazilian unicorn is a reference in terms of service and transparency, always maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer, and offering a differentiated product that take a fancy to consumers.


It also appeared in Exame’s ranking with IBCM. In its year of debut in the ranking, the company achieved the third position among the 115 companies evaluated.


A brand in the clothing industry that stands out for its transparent posture is Insecta Shoes. Its products are well-nested: vegan, ecological, unisex and made in Brazil. Perhaps this is a feature of companies that stand out with current generations: focus on the desired persona (and we have already addressed this topic around here). They are transparent with social and environmental responsibilities and in customer service.

Dobra is a transparent brand


Dobra is a brand that sells fine wallets adaptable to the customer’s needs. They are handmade with a material that looks like paper, but much more resistant. It doesn’t get torn, it’s water-resistant and 100% vegan and recyclable. Furthermore, they distribute the income to the artists who created the print.


One nice thing is that Dobra makes available videos teaching how to make a wallet and offers templates ready for printing — for free. It’s an alternative to those who want to get used to the model before buying the wallet.


Dobra is a transparent brand
Handmade thin wallets

Besides naming the persona, brands liked by the public have an attitude consistent with their customers posture. The majority mentioned here have a greener footprint and encourages sustainable consumption and things like that, but it doesn’t stop there: all of them offer qualified service and establish a transparent relationship with the consumer.


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