In the hyperconnected world, communication between businesses and customers is no more a simple obligation and has become one of the most strategic parts of the business. Having a good relationship with your audience, where and when they can, exposing a sincere interest, is a requirement that cannot be ignored. But, wait. We also know that you can’t be like this all the time, with everyone. And it’s not on purpose: we’re still immersed in a culture that cares less in serving and more in prospecting. It’s hard to give people the attention they deserve because we need a system designed from their needs.


Scup Care was created inspired by this premise. In practice, this tool automates processes and neutralizes common deficiencies in the service area. The goal behind this innovation, however, is turning what we call merely service into new ways of communicating, that are more agile, efficient and true.


A better way to interact

With a platform that organizes, distributes and stores conversations, it’s possible to dream about a very different way of interacting, that is more interesting for consumers and easier for your team to implement. How? Like this:

Multichannel management

Spare your consumers from the stress of communicating with the company by pre-established means such as telephone and the service area. No more! Now, you can be where your customers are, at the time they are. Engage with everyone at the same time using the same tool, whether it’s email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Live Chat.

History of conversation and cases

Never ask a client to repeat personal data already informed or to tell a story from the beginning again. In a simple and intuitive layout, you can gather the customer’s interactions made in different channels in the same timeline, with their developments and conclusions. As the information are saved, their answers can be formulated based on a consistent history of dates, data and status. The communication gets much more humane because the platform values and focus on the client since the first contact. That’s the user-centric way of communicating.

Organized internal teams

Give an end to your team’s internal communication problems, that are responsible for the inconsistencies and repetitions of information passed by a employee during

service. Now, cases are divided automatically by the tool among members of your team, who in turn can include information in the client’s profile for other representatives’ reference. You can also forward questions for specialized areas, follow the progress of requests, and get instructions and feedback from other areas in the company.

Clear reports


Never leave your team sleepy again during the presentation of complex, interminable, and unsolvable reporting. See everything in simple and visual charts, including metrics such as first response time and consumer waiting time. The insights collected by the tool help you measure data of the communication with the client to identify bottlenecks and solve any difficulty.


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