If the term “service” still reminds you a call center, you should get updated. We live in an age (almost) 100% digital, so it’s redundant to talk about how your service should work, right? Anyway, the point here is to show why offering an excellent service is a differential for your brand.


Customer satisfaction is the reason why you must offer a service of quality. Your brand’s goal should be making your customers happy. Once achieved, your brand’s health will stand out among the competition — because many companies still need to get updated on the subject.


The differentiated service can make your brand establish a healthy relationship with consumers. Being close, talking in a light tone and trying to be transparent are always good measures to be taken to win over fans — and not just customers.


And the key to this is the service, just as like the saying goes: “serving well to always serve”.  Check out what can help you revolutionize your relationship with the client:

Custom Service

Does your brand treat the consumer as a person with needs and doubts or like a number to be beaten in the metrics? Know that your customer wants to be treated in a customized way, and this goes from the tone used in the conversation to the tickets sent along the product bought. It’s about humanizing your brand to treat another human being. There is a text about it.


If a client starts a conversation by Facebook Messenger and finishes it by email, you need to have support to continue the contact as a single service. That is what we call omnichannel.


There was a time in which brands limited the channels from where customers got in touch. The power now should be on the customer’s hand, he/she must be at the core of your operations. That is what we call Customer Centric. So, your brand must know what social networks are most used and from which consumers prefer to be served. And besides being available where they want, it is necessary to offer a seamless experience.


Betting on a technological tool that unifies the timeline focused on the customer, is centered in the omnichannel and keeps the history of all conversations – with interactions via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that are the most used media – is a simple and fast way to automate and update your brand’s service.

Find inspirations (positive and negative)

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by companies that have a good quality service. In Brazil, Nubank is a case of success in the matter. All customers are more than satisfied with the way they are treated by the company. Sometimes, observing how the competition act can bring you insights.


And that goes for the negative side too. For instance, United Airlines, famous US aviation company, is well known for their bad service. You can be inspired by the brand to avoid committing the same mistakes.


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