To maximize the return of your ads and marketing content, it is essential to know who the customer is. Anyone who has ever segmented an ad on Facebook knows how specific one can get when trying to narrow down their target audience for an advertising campaign. Having an audience that includes everyone, however, can in turn not reach anyone — or at least no single person that is relevant to one’s business.


If you stop to think about it, your brand has various types of consumers. Even a narrowed down audience can cover very different people. An audience of mothers between 20 and 30 years of age who live in New York, for example, can include mothers who have more than one child, single mothers, mothers who study, mothers who don’t work, etc. — all with routines and preferences.


To not make the mistake of generalizing your company’s audience too much, it’s crucial to develop personas carefully. If you already know your audience can be a serious mistake, bringing big consequences for the brand, while not increasing the persona enough. It’s neither: you need to specify the types of customers you have and portray these carefully.


Personas are a resource that help when defining various points of your strategy, such as which offers to make available during holidays. Or communications used in daily life.


Besides there being several personas, they can change as you find out more information about your customers. Don’t hesitate to redefine them when needed, so you are guaranteed that you are reaching your potential consumers with your campaigns.


With the different personas already defined, create your communication — and brand strategy points- focusing on each one separately. Talking with a mother who works, studies and has just had her first child is not the same as talking to a woman who graduated five years ago and has already had two children. Your message, therefore, needs to be directed to each type of customer you have.


More than ever, people are carrying out customized searches as to their own needs. This is an indication that they expect to find answers to the questions they have – and that’s great for your brand. By having well-defined personas and knowing which problems they have, you can offer exactly what they are looking for.


Use the information you have about your personas and exploit them as much as possible. What kind of question would they make regarding your segment? Take advantage of this question and create content including the topic. By solving a need, you win the customer over.


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