More than just a simple customer service software, LiveChat can be a great ally of your company. Real-time chat tools guarantee an increase in sales and serve as feedback about your product or service. Have you ever thought about it? Well, we have decided to talk about it and help boosting your business. Check it out:

Ask questions

Because they provide real-time support, LiveChat tools are great sales assistants. If any customers have any question during the purchase, just open the chat window and solve the problem.


It may seem obvious at first sight, but this is one of the strongest points of a LiveChat tool. When you buy anything on the Internet, it is normal that there are questions about the product or service. So, having the possibility to talk to a brand representative when closing the deal not only rests people assure, but increases the chance of conversion by 20%.


Imagine this: when someone enters your website, this person has already identified that he/she has a problem and is searching for solutions. If he/she finds any difficulty, the chances of closing your page and opening the competitors are high. At this moment, having someone available to talk to is what can make the difference for the purchase to happen. Does the product actually meet their needs? The agent can clarify this type of doubt and even suggest other services offered by the brand.

Offer help

Nobody wants to be treated as a number — no matter whether your company sells services or products. People want to feel special at all times of contact with the brands, and LiveChat can promote this relationship. With it, it is possible to imitate what would happen in a store. If someone stays more than 30 seconds on your page of prices, this tool’s configuration shows a pop up and offers help, just as it would happen live.


You can set pop ups to show when you find more practical, depending on the page and the time customers spend on it. Tip: put it in strategic places, such as the pages of budget request, download and shopping cart, for example. In these parts of the website, it is much more likely that the customer hires some service, and a brand wave is essential to show it’s available to assist him/her as a person, and not just another visitor on the website.


If you want to understand better how your company can use LiveChat, take a look at this video:

Be trustworthy

The customer may feel insecure at the moment of purchase. Having a real person to talk to makes them feel supported and trust in the company. After all, we are humans and the presence of another person in any situation makes us more reassured. LiveChat is reliable and helps you realize sales with those most indecisive consumers. People like people, right?


With this, your brand will not only guarantee the sale, but also seem to be a reliable company — which, at times when technology is suffering from complaints of data misuse, would not be bad at all.

Get feedback

When your company talks to the customer through LiveChat, it gets natural feedback. It is important to look closely at what consumers are talking about and try to understand this information — they are precious to your brand, because they give clues to what is not working as it should.


With the chat tools, you can analyze the most recurrent doubts and reflect: were the chosen words correct? Is the design pleasant and intuitive? Is there a lack of information on the website? This information can help you enhance your website, product or service, by boosting your business.


When your company uses LiveChat, it benefits in various ways: humanizes contact with the customer, passes an image of trust and creates a relationship with them, and gets organic feedback. All of this, if used in your favor, can increase your sales. If you have any question on how to make this happen using chat tools, just reach out to us from wherever you find best: @ScupBrazil on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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