Every day, mobile gets more strength in the digital world: almost 80% of people prefer to access the Internet through this type of device, according to the Mobile Report 2017. With more and more hits via smartphone, it’s natural that users are more demanding with their experiences.


A page that takes too long to load, for example, will soon be closed. The average time is 15.3 seconds – any extra time is considered too slow. To stay relevant to consumers, therefore, you need to make the mobile a priority. Check out these tips on how to ensure a pleasant experience on this platform:

Be mobile-friendly

If your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, you better fix that right now. More than 40% of online transactions are made by mobile devices, so not having a website adapted means, basically, losing money. So not to lose customers to the competition, you should invest in a site visually appealing and with content adapted to the vertical format of smartphones.

Be fast

Make sure that your page doesn’t take longer than expected to load. It’s no use just optimizing ads, it’s necessary to think about the experience after the click. It must be quick — the more advanced is the technology, the less people want to wait. In retail, for example, a second more at the time of page loading can mean a 20% impact on conversions.


Your mobile gotta be fast as Usain Bolt


Be amazing

People see your brand as a single thing. They expect, therefore, an equally nice experience in all channels – whether online or offline. In mobile, the expectation is that there’s no kind of friction when performing an action, regardless of its degree of complexity. That is, people don’t expect anything less than amazing experiences in all points of the journey.


The US company Dominos, for example, reduced the way of ordering pizza online from 25 to just 5 steps — or less, depending on how you choose to order. Today, more than 60% of them are made online and half via mobile.



Mobile is a trend that will not weaken, quite the contrary. It’s expected that more and more people have access to this type of devices and the internet, which will increase the demand for high quality experiences in this industry — whatever your segment.


So, brands that want to be competitive in the near future should make the mobile user a priority. And, for them, every second counts.

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