Knowing how to use Google’s search is easy, now try to keep up with this company’s growth. Any idea on how all of this started? We’ve gathered only the best (and most summed up) information here.


In 1995, the coworkers Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search tool whose main function was to determine the importance of each website, the BackRub. That happened while they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California. The tool was renamed to Google – a joke with the word “googol”, a mathematical term used to represent the number 1 followed by 100 zero digits. Maybe a name that represents how huge the Internet is in terms of information. The idea attracted investors and in 1998 the company got a $100,000 investment, which allowed them to set their first office: a garage.


The company has grown so much in so little time that in 2000 had already become the biggest engine of search in the Internet — better and more concise than content portals like Yahoo!, MSN and Netscape. A year before, in 1999, Doodles was created. It’s those little tributes in the front page of the website, changed according to the commemorative date. After all, why use the same logo if you can change it every day? In the same year, Google launched its most famous slogan: “Don’t be evil”, by Paul Buccheit, the creator of Gmail.


Since the beginning, the company’s young and modern feature was already transparent to the public. With these principles, in 2002 a new work philosophy was implemented: “The 20% time”, which encourages employees to dedicate 20% of their time inside the company to work in something that wasn’t related to Google projects. Orkut, Gmail and Google News all came from this initiative.


Do you know how many products Google has? Check it out:

Google Products Google Products Google Products


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence  is used by Google for so many years. Google Adwords was created in 2000 and today is the company’s main profit source. The ads in form of links appear according to what the user is searching. The service’s main goal is to connect companies with their target audience. The platform enables services and products advertising to get more quickly to a greater number of consumers.


In 2003, an advertising service was also created, the Google AdSense, in which the website or blog owner offers advertising space to advertisers. He gets money with every click. It’s mainly used for people who want to make a profit and income on small websites. The ads are chosen according to the content of the website, by geographical location and cookies — you know when you do several searches on something like real estate and starts to show lots of ads about it? These are cookies.


And it doesn’t stop there! Google has two virtual assistants, Google Now and Google Assistant. Both are, basically, voice commands that can assist anyone to perform tasks in their smartphones, for example, schedule appointments in the calendar and alarms, do research quickly etc.


Can you believe an idea of two young people turned into the world’s most visited website, according to Alexa? And that, for Fortune magazine, Google is the best place to work in the world? And also, that Google is the most valuable brand in the world? I know you can. According to the BrandZ ranking of 2017, the company is worth 245 billion dollars.


Check out the company’s channel on YouTube! There’s lots of interesting content, even on their products. Check out this one about Google Assistant:


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