It’s almost 3,000 emojis to represent objects, cities, people and even verbs — a list that continues to grow. Although they are not an alternative language, emojis are international. 🌍

Almost all people can communicate through them, and to top it off save characters. If you think your company can’t benefit from it, we show you otherwise. Here are a few reasons why you should adopt them in your communication:

Emojis connect

When ensuring the CX of your brand, nothing better than talking to your consumers in the same tone used by them in daily life. If your client uses emojis in conversations with friends and family, why not use them too?


It’s a chance to interact in a close and creative way, after all, they have already been incorporated into people’s lives. The proof? More than 5 million emojis are sent daily in Messenger. 📲

Emojis call attention

Human beings process images faster than text, that’s a fact. An emoji therefore can convey an idea faster than a sentence. According to Twitter, when they are combined with an ad in video, the emotional connection and the interest of the users is 6 times higher.

Emojis create a good image

Apart from calling people’s attention, the use of an emoji consolidates an image that is authentic to your brand. When they appear, whether it’s in your company’s service, communication or marketing, the tone of the conversation changes and becomes more personal. It’s as if the client was talking to friends, and not with a company — and is there anything better than that? 😎

Emojis are loved

According to Facebook, 92% of teenagers use emojis in Messenger. And this is no surprise, of course. The amazement is on another generation: 77% of adults between 56 and 64 years old also use them in the platform. So that nonsense that older people don’t get along with novelties goes down. 👵 But if your audience is older, just be careful to use the most basic ones and there will be no conflicts.


If you aren’t confident using an emoji, calm down! We have a guide to help you use them in your communication, service, marketing or social media. 📜 And if still have questions, just reach out to us: @ScupGlobal on Facebook and Twitter.

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