The rise of a new consumer who is informed and has the essence of a digital world, makes brands adapt to other ways of engagement. Communication strategies should be customized for that consumer who has control of everything in just one click


Above all, the investment in communication must serve as one of the key challenges for brands. Today, with so-called “multi-media”, consumers are exposed to multiple channels simultaneously, which encourages brands to be in constant transformation when it comes to the digital world.


The digital factor


According to Kantar Ibope Media, TV has always concentrated the largest volume of investments. Last year, open TV accounted for 55.1% of investments and pay TV for 12.6%. The other 30% were distributed to other channels. However, although TV concentrates the largest number of investments, digital communication becomes mandatory in a world where the customer controls their wishes and experiences.  


For the results to be more immediate, it is essential that products disclosure is more assertive and accessible for those who wish to buy them. Besides, the participation in digital offers an opportunity to bring immediate results to the brand.


Nevertheless, as we have previously understood, for communication to be truly effective, it must be disseminated on a variety of platforms. And what is the key to think so dynamically? Analyze beforehand what are the consumers’ needs to only then impact them through creativity. This way you prevent this process from becoming an unpleasant or forced experience.


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