Social networks’ customer service has gained strength in recent years and today is mandatory among companies that want to be relevant in the current world. If your brand doesn’t offer this option to consumers, it is after thousands of other businesses that talk and maintains a good relationship with users. Just being present on digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter already gives advantage to your customer service, but there are ways to improve it. Let’s talk about some of them:

Show efficiency

If any consumer has contacted your brand through social networks, two things can be understood:


– The customer is expecting a service different from the telephone/email standard.

– Agility and efficiency are required. Just as the person doesn’t wait three days to answer to friends, either does not want to wait more than a few hours get an answer (of course, observing business hours).


This means that your company needs to reply as quickly as possible, even if it’s to certify that you are aware of the problem and seeking ways to solve the situation. Just don’t say that and vanish, okay? It’s essential to keep contact and try to solve the issue in a pleasant way so that customer service meets consumer expectations.

Be close

Everybody knows that behind technology there are people, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine when we read an email in which we are treated as “Case Number 87658”. In social networks, contact is closer — people understand more easily that they’re talking to someone else, even if it’s by the official brand profile.


They therefore allow more relaxed and fun language. But calm down! We’re not talking about abbreviations or things like that, but about emojis and gifs, resources capable of making conversation more friendly. We’ve already talked about them here on Ideas, and gave tips on how to use them in customer service, after all, not all the situation carries a meme.

Show your personality on social networks

On the Internet, you should stand out. Is there a better way to do this than showing your brand’s personality? On social networks, talk about matters that have to do with your business. Celebrate special dates and comment on topics in focus. Thus, it’s easier for consumers to identify with the company and its beliefs — some can have a more serious image than others, but nothing prevents the brand from reaffirming its values on social networks and also in customer service.


When you talk to the customer, your support team probably won’t have the opportunity to comment on news or anything like that, so the tip is: treat the customer according to your values. Is your brand considered to be humorous? Let the language convey it. “Let’s solve this, Maria? I’m already checking out what’s going on” is a friendly answer that doesn’t minimize the problem in any way, on the contrary.


The best of all is that your brand can go testing several options and see what works best according to your audience. As long as it keeps the Customer Experience level high and continues offering a pleasant service, users won’t think it’s bad to know a little more about the company of which they’re customers.


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