Customer data enrichment

Context is everything, they say. The difference between an average and a stunning customer experience can live in very little details. Today we are releasing a key feature to those who want to provide more personalized experiences to their customers: customer data enrichment. We will try to enrich the user data for every new user that comes with an email (email and livechat accounts). These data can be: name, bio, company and location. This is an example of how an enriched profile looks like compared to a regular one:

 Customer data enrichment at scup care (enriched version)

Looks great huh?! We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Details and Limitations:

  • This will only happen to new users, the ones that are already in your customer base will not be enriched.
  • Not all customers will have their data enriched, some of them don’t have public data available.
  • We will never cross-share user data between projects

Default User Properties

In addition to, and a consequence of the enrichment we are releasing, 3 new user properties will be available by default in all projects: bio, company and location.

Default user properties at Scup Care


  • These 3 properties cannot be changed or deleted.

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