Those who work daily with digital care know that complaints from unsatisfied consumers are still the same as in the past. What has changed is how to get in touch with the company, which can now happen at any time of the day or night, and on several different channels. The question that remains is: how to manage this dynamic demand? How to enhance customer communication?


If you think this is an unresolved challenge, it’s time to meet Scup Care. With this tool you automate processes and eliminate common shortcomings of both the operation and the management of your business. Here’s how it can be useful for your business:


Multi-channel management

Until recently, consumers had to communicate with a company through the means it had previously established, such as the relationship areas on websites or the outdated telephone. Not infrequently, many people went through stressful situations when making a simple request.


Fortunately this time is over: now it is the companies that need to be in the channels where their customers are, and Scup Care helps you organizing this demand. With it, you can engage with your contacts on different platforms at the same time. It can be by email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Live Chat. Work gets much faster, easier and smarter.


History of chats and cases

Who has never had to repeat your personal data several times during a conversation with the company? Or had to recount the beginning story several times because the company did not have a record of the latest contacts made? This problem is also over.


Scup Care has a simple and intuitive layout that keeps the cases opened for the same client. So, you can gather the interactions already made on all platforms in the same timeline, with their unfolding and conclusions, dates, channels and other information. Your responses can be formulated based on a consistent history. Communication with the client becomes much more humanized.


Internal teams organized

Much of the disorganization experienced in day-to-day care teams is due to lack of communication. So it is so common to come across a brand employee who does not know the answer to the question made minutes before to another agent, or with the same request being replied by more than one person.


No more struggling: Scup Care takes care of distributing tickets automatically within your team, which can also include information in the client’s profile for other agents to consult, send questions to specialized areas, monitor the progress of these requests and receive instructions and feedback.

Clear reports

Who never felt sleepy during the presentation of complex, interminable and unsolvable reports?

Scup Care generates simple and visual graphics. You can also view metrics such as the first response time and the consumer waiting time.
The insights collected by the tool help you measure customer communication data, identify bottlenecks, and solve any difficulties.



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