Do you want to create a 3D post on Facebook? Now it’s possible, and the sky’s the limit for creating this kind of content. With the fall of social media’s reach, calling attention of your audience is even more important than it was. But how to do that? First, you’ll need a designer, then just follow the tips below.


Facebook currently accepts files in glTF 2.0 (GL Transmission Format), a free application to upload and play 3D images. However, saving in this format generates many loose files, and Facebook only accepts uploading .glb files that follow the specifications of the previous one, but gathers all the characteristics of 3D in a single file. Within the area for developers, social network informs the file’s requirements and also provides best practices.


What the designer needs to know?

– The file must be done in a 3D modeling program, like Blender, Paint 3D or Maya.


– The file needs to be generated without animation, following the specifications given in the link above and respecting the format. glb. It’s possible to test the file in an area made available by Facebook to check if it’s


– If the 3D software that is used to shape files saves only in glTF, it’s possible to turn it to .glb in this link.



Once the file is in the correct format just drag it to the publication box of Facebook.



Now, go ahead and tell us if the 3D post worked!

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