Managing the flow of communication with small or medium business customers in the digital universe is probably one of the most challenging parts of the business. After all, human and financial resources are often scarce and this ends up rendering unfeasible and autonomous relationship capable of handling all the daily demands. So, how to build efficient communication with clients in SMB?


The good news is that it is possible to operate with a high level of efficiency regardless of its size. How? Know below the bases that will guide your management and click the links to understand how technology can help you achieve your goals:


The time consumers needed to communicate with a company by the means it defined has passed. Today, companies tht need to be in the channels where their customers are.

That’s why dynamism is the first characteristic to be sought by communication with a company’s customer. There are tools that allow you to interact with your customers on different platforms at the same time, whether in email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Live Chat. Work gets much faster, easier and smarter.


Forcing the customer to repeat information several times during a conversation with the company is all you can not do. It is necessary to consolidate the data received into an unified and easy-to-handle history for the one who is representing the brand in the dialog.


To have everything on the client’s side and your requests, you need a computerized system that brings together new and old interactions made by the same person – or within the same case – with its unfolding and conclusions. It is also important that all of this is viewable in a simple interface, which facilitates the agent’s work and allows a more humanized service.


The lack of organization and internal communication contributes to a slow and inefficient relationship.


It is crucial to have a platform that distributes cases intelligently and allows communication between team members, to facilitate access to old resolutions or the ones made in other departments. Therefore establishing an organized dynamic is essential.



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