Already a standard practice for startups, creating personas is becoming increasingly common in companies. The resource, used to better understand the customer, helps to create better targeted marketing and sales strategies. But what are personas?

What they are

Personas are fictitious characters created from your company’s target audience’s characteristics. They have a name, an age, income and even hobbies – and none of this can be made-up. Everything must be done based on research that defines your consumer’s behavior patterns in various areas: shopping preferences, lifestyle and technology.


Despite being fictitious, personas are composed from real users and represent your brand’s ideal customer. They allow you to get to know your customer in depth and understand their problems, needs, desires and goals.

What are they for

With the knowledge provided by personas, you can create a more assertive business plan and define a coherent strategy. What is our company’s goal: to sell products at the lowest price or to offer a better quality product than competitors, for example? Understand who your audience is, avoid contradictions when selling, and talk with consumers.

Practical uses

Building personas is advantageous in order to define the company’s various communication points, such as language and which social networks to prioritize – but that’s not all. How does your product help people? How will they get in touch with the company? What are the possible problems and solutions for them? All of these are questions which can be answered based on information provided by personas.


Having a customer profile, therefore, is an essential stage of your planning. It is a resource that assists not only in communication, but in all company sectors. By making good use of it, it is possible to understand your business better and deliver enhanced results. So, have you started your research to create a persona? Let us know: @ScupBrasil on Facebook and Twitter 😉

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