In February, Google released the ad blocker included in its new update of the Chrome browser. It’s been almost 2 months of waiting but now users count on the tool provided by the company. But it has a slightly different proposition. The goal is that the advertising, already intrusive, don’t turn the digital environment into an intolerable place.


Don’t ban all ads

Unlike some ad blockers, the aim of this new one is not blocking any kind of ad, although the tool inhibits most of them; from ads that occupy a whole page to those that reproduce automatically some audio or video in the hosted page.


So, advertisers won’t be harmed, they must follow the standards on how ads are shown determined by Coalition for Better Ads. Check out the types of ads that most encourage users to install ad blockers:

banned ads in desktop google ad blocker

banned ads in mobile google ad blocker

Source: Coalition for Better Ads


It’s all about the User Experience

Some ads spoil users’ browsing on websites, thus Google Ad Blocker was developed to filter the ads and retain the audience, ensuring a satisfactory navigation, i.e., a better user experience.


The changes that happened on Facebook confirm the theory that the user experience is dictating the rules in digital advertising. The latest ones, announced in January, aim at decreasing the number of ads exaggeratedly displayed on social media.


The Ad Blocker and numbers


study developed by PageFair shows that, in 2016, there were 615 million equipment with some type of ad blocker installed – and more than half come from the access via mobile. That makes 11% of all users in the world. In Brazil, the amount of internet users using the extension to browse the internet exceeds 20%.


The main reasons that lead users to install some ad blocker are:


  • Concern with virus and malware
  • Browsing interruption
  • Speed of page reduced
  • Ads in excess
  • Privacy online


In the future

For now, Chrome’s ad blocker has no expected date to get to Brazil, acting only in the United States and Europe. But it’s important to keep up with it so that when the tool gets here, your company is ready to get ahead the competition.


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