The biggest examples of Customer Experience are great brands, such as Nike, Amazon and Netflix, which can convey the idea that only big businesses are able to keep an operation focused on the customer — but this is not true! Regardless of the size of your company, it is possible to deliver a quality and efficient service.


With the help of technology, there’s no excuse not to treat your customers in the best possible way. That’s why we’ve separated 10 tweets from Netflix to inspire your brand to engage in social networks and create a good relationship with consumers. Check it out:


When they made a reference to Titanic.



When Netflix told how is it like working there.


It is exactly like it. I look foward to the weekend so I can work on some sheets in peace.

“Does Netflix quickly minimize Excel tabs she was working on and go back to watching series when the boss gets in the room?”



Would 3% be the Brazilian Black Mirror?

“3% battery, nice advertising @serie3porcento @Netflixbrasil”

That’s so 3%!



When they made fun with their own algorithm.



Netflix only wishes you well (even if it means staying in bed).


“I have a cold since last Sunday and I’ve watched:

– “La Casa de Papel” 2nd season

– “Riverdale” 1st season

– “Requiem” 1st season

– “Scream” 1st season

Now I’m starting “Tabula Rasa”

If I don’t get well by next Sunday I’ll watch Netflix’s entire catalogue”

– And there’s people who complain about getting a cold…



They even give suggestions as to what to watch



More than once.



When they don’t accept Fake News.


“I heard some news that the series was cancelled”.

You heard wrong.



When they even send a screenshot to help the customer.



Last but not least: when they admit being a fan of dogs (and of memes).


If you want to see more inspirational tweets, just follow Netflix’s profile in the USA and Brazil. Oh, and ours, of course! We always give tips on service and relationship with the consumer. Follow us: @ScupGlobal on Twitter and Facebook.


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