Those who are in daily life know that communicating with customers can be the most challenging part of the business for small or medium-sized companies. And this is normal, after all, the human and financial resources are often scarce and it’s difficult to maintain a personal and efficient relationship, able to process all the contacts. What you might not know is that there’s already a way to interact with your consumers in high level, no matter the size of your company. There are three differences that can make a team efficient in terms of relationship.

They are:


It’s no longer necessary for consumers to communicate with a company through predefined means. Today, companies need to be in the channels where their customers are, whether it’s email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Live Chat. That’s why the dynamism is to be sought in the communication with a company’s clients, and there are already tools that allow this relationship to occur simultaneously.


Have the client to repeat information several times during a conversation is all that you can’t do. It is necessary to consolidate the data received during the service in a single history, which can be easily referred. Having everything in the tip of the tongue regarding the customer and his/her requests is crucial, therefore computerization is so important. And this is not impossible: in the same platform you can gather intuitively new and old interactions from the same person or subject.



The lack of a good case management and internal communication of your team contributes to a slow and inefficient relationship with the client.

You must have some organized dynamics. At that time, it’s helpful if the cases are distributed automatically by the team, which in turn need to have the means to communicate to facilitate the access to old or made in other departments resolutions.

With these basics, you can devise the ideal relationship with your audience. If you want more tips, click the links and understand how it all can be put in practice.


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