“Can I have your Taxpayer no., sir?”, “What’s your ID no., sir?”, “I need your email address and full name, please.”, “Can you spell your last name, please?”. I’m sure you might have answered some of these questions when getting in touch with companies. Besides the delay in service, it’s unpleasant to answer several questions to solve a problem.



Nowadays, it’s common that consumers are more connected to the Internet and other technologies, thus changing the way how they communicate with companies. The chance of them interacting through other channels, such as social media, is much higher now than a few years ago. Therefore, it’s important that your company’s service is prepared for this kind of communication.


Being fast and assertive are characteristics of a relationship that the audience demand in businesses. The multi-channel service platforms are like that. As the name already says, through there it’s possible to engage with customers in multiple channels in a single timeline. This gives them the autonomy to choose where they want to engage from – whether it’s by email, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter or LiveChat. In addition, it makes communication more seamless and spontaneous.


Do you remember the “customized service“? You provide it just by not having to ask several questions to the customer. All data will be stored since the first contact made with the company, offering flexibility and practicality to the relationship. Just like you do with a friend: don’t ask his/her name all the time, because you already know him/her.


Customers will always remember the negative details of a service, whether it’s a cancellation that failed, attempts of transfers to other sectors, noises in the connection and the lack of involvement by the agent regarding the troubleshooting. These errors can compromise the relationship with the consumer and reduce the index of satisfaction, retention and conversion of customers. So, remember: the empathy between company and customer must always exist. Treat them like you want to be treated! 😉


You don’t want your company to be like Dory, right?



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