Nobody likes it when something goes wrong. It’s a little frustrating to waste time fixing something that should be working, right? Don’t feel guilty for avoiding solving the problem until the last moment — we’ve all done this once. The worst thing that can happen is you postpone the situation until it becomes unsustainable and then find out that the company’s service can only be provided by telephone. We decided to illustrate this desperate moment:


You’ve already accepted that you’re gonna need to contact the company’s service over the phone. Take a deep breath, dial the SAC number and listen to the automatic voice that says, “If you want to talk about…”. It’s inevitable: you feel as if it was last century.

Dialing to call customer's service


When you get answered right away, you don’t even remember there’s a boring music for those who are holding on the line. You even think “it won’t be that bad”, but then the person who is talking to you can’t solve the problem and transfer the call before you say okay.

Being transfered on the phone service


You had forgotten it, but there it is: the service’s boring music. After 10 minutes, you’re sure you’re going crazy.

Going crazy with the service's boring music


With nothing left to do, you realize you need to go to the bathroom. How many hours since last time? At the same time, you want to go so much, you’re sure the agent will return to the call while washing hands and, without an answer, he/she will turn off the phone.

You always need to go to the bathroom during a service phonecall


You see yourself obliged to answer the same questions all over again.

A girl roling her eyes to a service by telephone


Talking to the new agent, you even think you explained the situation better. But then he/she can’t help you and transfer the call. When the other service employee finally answers, you even try to be nice, but it’s stronger than you:

Service by telephone annoys Cersei from GOT


You’ve repeated the same answers several times, but finally it seems to be going to work. One more moment, please… and then the call drops. It was never so hard to hear silence.

A woman desperate because her phonecall to a company's service dropped


But you have no choice. So, you dial the SAC number again, with this expression:

A woman calls the company's service again after the phonecall droped


You explain the situation and they transfer you directly to the service area capable of solving your problem. “One more moment, please”. How long have you been trying to solve the situation?

A man is waiting for the company's service answer


When it finally ends, you feel like you ran a marathon. Without the benefits to health, on the contrary.

When you finally solve your problem with company's service help you feel like you have runned a marathon



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