Nothing is more unpleasant than contacting a company and being treated as a number, right? Since the first contact, it’s normal that brands ask for a good deal of information about the customer, that is, it is not for the lack of data that the attendant calls the consumer “Case 72578”, but the lack of a personalized service.


Today it’s common for companies to spend more time conquering new customers than retaining the existing ones. The loyalty process is basically built by a good, agile and custom relationship — calling the consumer by the name is part of it.


Your customer is unique (and he/she has a name)

Your customer wants to feel important and you should meet this expectation. By calling him/her by the name, your brand customizes the service and makes clear that you are dealing exclusively with… well, with the person and no one else. In addition, it conveys interest and consideration. Maybe the problem that the customer is trying to solve is not unique and you’ve solved many other similar ones, but the attention you’ll give should be singular.


Have you ever heard that famous phrase “treat others as you would like to be treated”? It’s exactly the concept that should be applied in your company’s service. Make the consumer feel a part of your business as well as you are part of theirs. They need you and you need them too.


Be confident

Create a relationship with the customer based on appreciation and respect. All the times you contact them, try to know more about their profile and formulate the best strategy to deal with the business. “Pedro, I am already working on your problem”, “Count on me for a next time”, “See you later” are phrases that convey confidence to the consumer. In addition to bringing them closer to your brand, they will surely remember the quality of service when you need to contact them again.


Enable your team

Be aware in the way your team treats customers: are they close at all times of contact or are they only concerned about winning customers at the time of sale? The problem is often on our side and we can’t see it.


It’s important to rescue basic values of relationship. At the time of service, you have to take into account that the customer is calling to solve a problem that, first of all, should not have happened. Your team should be aware that, regardless of anything, a quality service is essential.


Does your company put these questions above as a priority in the relationship? It’s not the first time that consumers seek more agile, effective service that make them feel unique. Don’t waste time and put these tips into practice!


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