You’ve certainly heard of virtual assistants a few times. In addition to the simplest tasks they perform — how to program alarms, play music, create market list and check time forecasts — they also play an important role in people’s connectivity with the digital world.


Ana Maria Nubie is an entrepreneur and expert on the digital marketing market for 25 years. In her LinkedIn, she’s published an article about how a voice assistant turned her 81 year-old mother into an web surfer after getting a smartphone from the family.


The old lady has been taught to use Google’s voice assistant, since she has difficulty typing. The idea not only worked, but encouraged her to access information more easily, “talking” with the assistant and, most importantly: in her time and in the way that best suited her.

Is your brand prepared for this digital experience with the audience?


Artificial intelligence is a world to be exploited by companies. In the age of immediate results, brands’ interaction through digital means provides a personalized and unique experience for consumers.


The voice assistants, for example, build relations with people. Not only help them in activities, but also engage in their lives and routines. In addition to the simple work of only understanding what the user wants, robots are evolving so that they can understand what user’s intention is through the data made available.


That’s where the role of the brands comes in. This new technology needs to be seen as a new channel of relationship opportunity and sales. Consumers expect from companies a way to connect with them: custom tips, offers, sales information and support access are simple information that will help creating a company-customer bond.


Get inspired by the way virtual assistants treat users to innovate the service of your company. Be available on different channels, respect consumer boundaries and treat them in an empathic way.


So then, how is the relationship with your customer? A good relationship with consumers is the key to the growth of your business. So be always updated to reach your audience quickly and innovatively.


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