Find out how technology can forge innovative forms of relationships, customer service, and the provision of services


In short, Artificial Intelligence (or A.I.) is a field of computing dedicated to the creation of systems and devices that perform cognitive functions that are normally executed by people. Currently, social media networks like Facebook rely on this technology to provide more efficient customer service at a lower cost, a tactic that has been quite positive.
Yet A.I. takes on a much more complete shape when it comes to Customer Experience. Take a look below at the different ways that technology has helped companies to improve their relationships with customers and choose the best format for your business.


Seen as a revolution in customer service, this tool consists of a robot (bot) that independently interacts with customers. It is capable of interpreting questions and formulating answers. Besides being more efficient, chatbots can reduce costs and increase sales.

Some advantages:

It can be used directly in chat apps like Facebook, dispensing of the customer’s need to download an interactive app.

– It allows for constant, automatic updates, which can “learn” from customer questions.


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Virtual Concierge

Virtual Concierges are platforms that help companies provide their customers with personalized services, like choosing a restaurant, organizing hotel preferences, or even for specific tasks like planning the lives of parents awaiting the arrival of their babies.

Some advantages:

– Programming of complete experiences with a few clicks or commands;
– Elimination of the usual day-to-day waiting times.


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Virtual Assistants or Attendants

More straightforward than a Virtual Concierge and as smart as a chatbot, the Virtual Assistant helps users resolve simple day-to-day issues through several commands. The most well-known tools include Siri, Apple, Cortana, Microsoft, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

Some advantages:

It has several operation options that can be executed by the command of the user, like task lists, book reproduction and the supply of climate and traffic information, etc.;

– It can be activated by voice command;


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Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing operates using standards or interactions and processes information without the need for prior programming. The purpose of the technology, however, is to improve people’s abilities to create, learn, and make decisions. One of the most well-known tools today is IBM’s Watson system.


Some advantages:

– It can simulate answers in the same way the human brain does;

– It operates by generating evidence-based hypotheses.


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In your business

Artificial Intelligence tools, in combination with Customer Experience, guide consumers down routes that are easier, intelligent, and automatic, and allow them to be free to feel in control of the purchase. Think carefully about how to invest in a way to best make your customers happy.

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