Get to know why large companies like Google, MasterCard and Spotify have deployed this feature and revolutionized consumer experience


Increasingly common, bots — abbreviation for robots — are softwares that talk to humans through text messages. With a natural language, they are able to solve simple queries to more complicated issues, and provide a significant evolution in Customer Care.


The use of this type of technology, based on rules, specific commands and A.I. (artificial intelligence), is already revolutionizing e-commerce, retail, healthcare, insurance and hospitality sectors. Spotify, Whole Foods, Sephora, Mastercard, The Wall Street Journal and Pizza Hut are some of the brands that have invested in this tool.


How about thinking big and implementing a bot into your company? Here are 5 good reasons to follow this trend:


There is no need to download and install new applications: bots are a less bureaucratic way of solving life’s issues. They use existing platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Live Chat, all methods that most people are already familiar with. From now on, ordering a pizza, calling an Uber, or asking questions about products has become easier.


According to David Marcus, VP of Messenger, there are already more than 100,000 bots in the instant messaging service. Alongside this, Chatbot Survey, a recent survey conducted by MindBowser Consulting, in partnership with Chatbots Journal, pointed out that 75% of respondents plan to build a chatbot for their business this year.

In your own time

Unlike phone calls, bots allow the customer to own their own time, getting in touch when they want and dictating the pace of the conversation. Text messaging is practical and makes communication more flexible, since it allows the user to perform other activities at the same time. Also, calls get disconnected and phones can become engaged. A message, on the other hand, is always delivered.

Good memory

Bots possess an extensive database. That is, from the second interaction, the technology already understands who the customer is, how many times they have made contact and even what and how many complaints have already been made, making the service much more responsive and direct. In addition, all text messages are recorded and can be saved by the user, an advantage for both client and company.

Positive balance

Bots offer practical solutions to small problems, reducing the costs of personal service. This does not mean, however, that people will be replaced by robots. Despite advances in artificial intelligence, they still lack human empathy and rarely understand irony.


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